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Video marketing is essential to the current success of any business marketing campaign.

Many businesses are pursuing video content to help them market their brand and potentially show off how their products and services are helping people. Video marketing offers more opportunities for businesses to show off products and services in a creative way. This allows customers to connect with the brand more while entertaining them more than a typical post or advertisement will. Businesses are finding great success in using videos and video platforms to market themselves.

Importance of video marketing

Video marketing is a great way to promote your business on social media. This has become more popular on social media platforms with Tik Tok, Youtube, and Instagram becoming popular.

TikTok has erupted in popularity throughout the pandemic and the months following, making it an ideal platform to gain followers and grow your business with. They even have a business feature, making it ideal to get into the video marketing industry.

Moreover, Instagram has been promoting its reels feature more to compete with Tik Tok and other video marketing mediums like that. This has caused them to change their algorithm so that when people promote reels/ videos, they get more views and likes. If your brand posts a reel on Instagram, it is more likely to get more views than the traditional post or ad that you would post there.

Furthermore, Youtube has performed greatly and proven successful for many companies. Not only has it been a great platform for influencers to market their sponsors, but it has been a great place for brands to create content using their products or services. It can be informative and fun for viewers, making it easier for them to feel comfortable spending money with your brand.

Besides videos becoming more popular, they create a better platform for entertainment so followers can connect with you easier. The more you can connect with the younger generation, the better your brand can create longevity and influence. Partnering with influencers is a great way to capitalize on video marketing and let your brand grow through the followers and connections they have already made. That is where many businesses are placing their work and emphasis within apps like Tik Tok and Instagram.

Videos are also performing better in SEO rankings according to This would be huge for your company’s website and social media so people can engage with you better. Video marketing is the best way to promote your business and grow moving forward.

How you can implement video marketing

A great place to start is by thinking about how you can promote your business through videos. This can be done by showing off your products or services and giving people a reason to give you a shot.

For example, if you are selling a product that might help someone when they are traveling, you could make a video of someone using it how it’s intended and in a funny or attention-grabbing way. This would make an association of your product with that emotion that people feel when watching your video, so whenever they feel that they will think of your product. Great video advertising has this effect on people and can help boost your sales.

Similarly, if you are marketing a service that you offer, you can make some quality content that people will remember. Creating a funny or relatable video about your services will connect with people and make them remember it. All it takes is one really good video for anyone to remember you and make them want to work with your products or services.

A good video will get the user’s attention quickly and keep them engaged throughout. With attention spans growing smaller, it is important to get the attention of anyone quickly. According to Marketing Insider Group, the average attention span of social media users is less than 8 seconds. That gives your video 8 seconds to grab their attention, which is plenty of time if you can come up with a good hook. You would want to come up with a great hook in a normal post anyway, so this would not be much different than creating a new post.

Just like television commercials during the Super Bowl, videos are great at making people laugh or making them feel like they can connect with whatever is going on. Video marketing on any social media platform is the same way and can help boost engagement more.

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