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About 90% of marketers were able to generate increased traffic after a minimum of 6 hours of effort spent on social media marketing per week. 

Do you want to get many new customers from your business promotions? Do you want your patients to trust you? Then you must consider social media marketing. This method of brand promotion can help you get better results than traditional forms of dental marketing and is more cost-effective. 

Going to the dentist can be scary, and convincing patients to visit you can be difficult. About 50 to 80% of Americans experience some degree of dental anxiety. With the correct dentist marketing strategy, you can eliminate the stigmas created around dentistry and reassure your clients before they visit your practice. 

Every business can benefit from social media marketing, which may vary. But with technology constantly advancing, social media opens a portal to market your brand in multiple ways on a much bigger scale. Social media allows you to build relationships with your clients before even meeting them. You can target a broad set of audiences to improve your brand awareness and reach more potential patients.               

Top 4 Social Media Marketing Tips That Can Benefit Your Dental Practice

Influence Your Audience 

Everyone knows they need to visit the dentist. Maintaining healthy gums and clean teeth are a part of good oral hygiene, but very few take the initiative to keep these in check. By actively participating on your social media, you can shed a light on the importance of visiting a dentist to get regular oral check-ups. Use your social page to educate your audience about the benefits of oral hygiene and the negatives of delayed care. 

By posting informative content, you can raise more awareness amongst online users about the most common dental issues. This way, you’ll be able to influence your followers and viewers to book an appointment at your dental practice and provide the treatment they need. 

Another way to influence your audience to visit your dental practice is by helping them see why you are different from others. You can do this by guaranteeing a pain-free experience or by offering services at a price that no one else does. With a substantial social media presence, you can advertise everything about your practice to many people at once. 

Build Trust & Credibility 

Many people try to prolong their visit to the dentist until they have no other choice. But you can eliminate the fear people experience before receiving service at a dentist by sharing relevant social media content. Wouldn’t it be great to have your patients trust you before they come into your practice? It would be! And that’s one of the biggest advantages for dentists in choosing to market on social media. 

You can build credibility by showcasing your knowledge and skills to everyone. Social media helps your audience see how well-informed and skilled you are in your work. 

Another significant aspect of social platforms is their virtually appealing nature, allowing you to share creative content for users to see. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow you to post photos and videos of your services. For example, sharing before and after photos of a client who had braces at your clinic is an excellent way to showcase the effectiveness of your dental procedures. 

Videos also allow you to present your skills to viewers and show them how patients experience comfortability while receiving a service at your practice. 

Overall, by providing your viewers with valuable information and positively presenting your practice, you can gain the trust of your future clients. They’ll be able to see how you take care of your patients and how efficiently you provide treatments. It also helps build a good reputation for your practice, eventually becoming recognizable by larger crowds. 

Brand Awareness & Reputation 

What makes a good reputation? For the dental industry, it means not compromising on your morals. Remaining ethical and honest with your values and what you represent are what build a good reputation for your business. It also ties into brand awareness. Your practice’s brand awareness improves along with your reputation. 

It all depends on how you choose to present yourself to the public. It’s what makes you unique and recognizable. You can create brand awareness through social media, where your practice can gain the most exposure. If your practice becomes known for its quality services, it can positively impact your brand name in the industry and amongst patients. 

The best part about building your brand awareness is that this allows you to present your practice the way you want. For instance, if you want to be known as the dental clinic with the best services for braces, you can talk about it and promote it on social media. A successful marketing strategy can help you create that reputation for your practice and make your audience more aware of your expertise and competence. 

Attract New Patients 

The beauty of social media is that everyone’s on it. Regardless of why someone may be on one of these platforms, your chances of reaching a new audience are exceptionally high. You can boost posts and content through social media ads to make your practice known worldwide. 

Once you’ve created a good reputation and established yourself as a brand, you can expect an inflow of patients to begin. When you use different features social platforms offer, you can showcase your uniqueness, which can help your business catch the attention of more potential patients. 

Your practice can become the first choice for those in search of dental services like yours if you consistently share engaging content, boost posts, and collaborate. All these methods are excellent ways to reach new customers. 

By highlighting your unique features/services, patients will notice why you’re a better choice than other dental practices. A great way to attract new customers is by helping them overcome their fear of visiting a dentist. If your brand embraces delivering exceptional patient experiences, your dental practice can build a reputation around it and bank upon it. 


The tips shared above are some of the effective ways to influence your audience and generate revenue for your dental practice using social media. Every business must include social media in its marketing strategy. It helps target larger audiences and allows you to cater to your patients more effortlessly. Social media offers many features which can work well for businesses especially starting their online marketing journey. 

Simple features like being able to book online from your Instagram page or answering customer DMs are engaging ways to drive traffic. An automated social media marketing tool like Practina, used by dentists worldwide, is an easy way to simplify and elevate your dental social media marketing journey. 

Practina is a platform that allows dental practices to automate their social media marketing while they pay attention to their patients. For those who are not entirely familiar with how social media platforms work and how to promote their practice, Practina can manage your accounts for you. It is also a splendid tool, especially if you’re already preoccupied and find it difficult to dedicate time to marketing. 

Some benefits of Practina are: 

  • Creates original content for your practice to help maintain the interest of your viewers.
  • Helps run social media ads quickly for you to promote your brand on platforms like Facebook, Google, and Instagram. 
  • Shares user insights to help improve your future dental marketing strategy.

Practina is created to make your dental marketing process easy. You can select a plan that suits your budget and business needs. To learn more, visit or download the app for free on your mobile device!

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