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When it comes to online content, it’s hard to know what will instantly go viral, and what will live in the darkest corners of the internet, AKA page two of a Google search. With brands constantly competing for the attention of viewers online, convincing users to engage with your chiropractic practice’s content may seem difficult.  

If it seems as if new social media trends and techniques appear overnight, that’s because they sorta do, even if we’re all still stuck trying to learn last week’s newest dance craze. 

When it comes to social media marketing for chiropractors, however, knowing the latest dance moves may be beneficial, but the true goal of social media is to create an online community that fosters relationships with patients both new and old. With the internet being so huge, this should be easy…right? 

We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 social media marketing recommendations to improve your strategy, each with different content suggestions that your chiropractic practice can incorporate into today. 

Social Media Marketing for Chiropractors 

A quick search for #chiropractor on Instagram shows over 2 million posts, and over 5 billion videos on TikTok—now that’s a lot of spinal adjustments. With so many posts, it is clear to see that there is an active audience for chiropractic content online, but how exactly can your practice connect with these users? Let’s dive in! 

1. First things first, do your research

Before your chiropractic practice can become the next big player in the industry, you’ll have to do some research. By researching the chiropractic social media content of others, your practice will be better positioned to craft content using ideas that have already been proven to work. 

Luckily for you, there already is an audience online that actively enjoys watching chiropractors perform spinal adjustments on patients. In fact, Dr. Cracks, who is one of the most popular chiropractors online, has a combined following of over 3.5 million followers across all social platforms—an audience is clearly there.  

Spending a few minutes going through Dr. Cracks’s social media shows his formula: 80% of content uploaded is of him “cracking” his patients, and 20% of content is educational content meant to provide tips to his following. 

When doing research, consider the type of content your practice would want to focus on. Do you want to record and post your sessions, or would you prefer to stay more educational and provide home remedies for your following? Regardless of which you decide, it’s important to note any trends that are already established, and then adapt those in a way that works best for you. 

Post suggestion number one: 

It’s clear to see there is an audience online for videos that show chiropractors working with their patients. After getting consent from your patients, consider recording sessions and focus on the “cracks” or “pops” with each adjustment, as that is what garners the most views. 

When creating these videos, be sure to edit them so that they aren’t overly long (< 1 minute) since viewers are mainly after the “cracks” themselves.  

2. Don’t box yourself in 

Now that we know there is an active audience for chiropractic social media content, it’s time to start planning on how exactly your chiropractic practice can begin spreading awareness and increasing it’s patient base. 

As we mentioned, the content that performs best online for chiropractors are videos of patients. However, your practice shouldn’t just box itself into one type of content. While those videos may be effective, it’s important to mix things up to keep your profiles fresh. 

Consider experimenting with various forms of engagement-friendly content such as educational posts on common issues, personal content relating to your practice, or even promotional giveaways. As your practice grows it’s community, you’ll begin to see the type of content that resonates best, and you’ll then be able to continue making data driven adjustments to what you post. 

Post suggestion number two: 

People love winning prizes, and will often promote your business for free if doing so enters them into some sort of giveaway. Once you’ve developed your community online, consider hosting monthly giveaways where one lucky winner can receive a prize such as a free consultation, or a free first session. 

Tell your audience that by reposting your content onto their own pages, they’ll be entered into the giveaway. This will allow your chiropractic practice to receive free promotional advertising, and your patients will have the chance to win a prize—who doesn’t love free stuff? 

3. Find a schedule that works, and stick with it 

Due to the algorithm overlords, the key to growing accounts on social media is consistency. Your practice won’t get the most out of social media marketing by posting once a month. Consider posting at least once every two days, with daily posting being ideal. 

Understanding when to post is a crucial aspect of social media marketing. If your audience is made up of predominantly 9-5 working individuals, then posting at the late hours of the night will most likely result in your content falling through the cracks. 

Instead of posting blindly, experiment with your posting times early on and see what times your posts perform best. This will also aid you in finding what posting schedule works best for your practice. Be sure to analyze posting times for each platform as content performance can vary depending on the social site.

Post suggestion number three: 

Once you’ve established a posting schedule, one way to promote more engagement is by dedicating a specific type of post on a certain day. Just like Thursday’s have become synonymous with #ThrowbackThursday, consider coming up with your own unique hashtag/content ideas. 

By dedicating a day to a specific type of post (an example can be posting the biggest “pops” of the previous week on Monday and using the hashtag #PopIntoMonday) on a specific day, your audience will routinely be exposed to content that will ideally encourage them to book an appointment. Also, your practice can even create a new online challenge by doing so, which will increase your exposure. 

4. Don’t forget to add personality 

The biggest mistake that many businesses make on social media is being overly promotional. While the end goal of chiropractic social media marketing is to gain more patients and book more appointments, there are ways of doing so without overwhelming your audience with constant sales adverts. 

For many, the reasons for visiting a chiropractor won’t be solved with a single session. Because of this, your chiropractic practice should make an effort to personalize your brand by incorporating all employees into its content. 

Showing the human side of your practice creates a more welcoming environment for your audience, which will make them more likely to place trust in your practice when looking for chiropractic services. Instead of expecting every viewer to become a patient, which isn’t realistic, show your audience that you actually care for them, and not just their wallets. 

Post suggestion number four:

A simple way to show personality through your social media content is to provide expert advice through video content. Consider posting informative video content highlighting any common issues many patients face, and how they can remedy the issues at home while they wait for their appointment. 

Be sure to speak directly to the audience when making these types of videos. Your practice can also choose to do live videos and then answer any questions your audience may have. 


5. Review, review, review 

Marketing is an ongoing process, which means one campaign or post won’t be enough to deliver the best results possible. In fact, building and optimizing your marketing strategy requires consistent performance audits in order to figure out what is and isn’t working. 

What should you be looking for when reviewing your accounts? Keep an eye out for any posts that perform significantly better than others in terms of likes and engagement, which are clear indicators of what resonates best with your audience. On the flip side, track which posts perform the worst and attempt to guess why.

If you find that posts uploaded at noon tend to perform worse than posts uploaded in the afternoon, you may simply have a posting-time issue. If videos routinely receive more engagement than lone photos, consider switching to more video content. 

Suggestion number five: 

Too busy to analyze social media data? Incorporate a social media marketing & management tool into your marketing strategy. There are a plethora of marketing tools that expertly help you improve your marketing efforts no matter where you are seeking improvement. There are even tools such as Practina that handle most of your chiropractic practice’s marketing for you. 

Practina is an AI-powered social media marketing tool for chiropractors that removes the hassle of marketing. After connecting your social media accounts, Practina will automatically begin creating, scheduling and publishing branded content across all your social networks. With its easy-to-use system, Practina simplifies the ad creation process down to just a few clicks. Visit Practina to create your free account today. 

Going Forward 

Social media marketing for chiropractors is more than just posting content online without thought. In order to find success through social media marketing, it is important for your practice to research the type of content patients want to see, and then crafting it to best represent your brand. Be sure to find what works best for your practice, and routinely audit your own performance in order to effectively improve your marketing efforts. 

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