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Pets are like family to those that own them, and who knows it better than pet sitters? With more adoption of pets, there is more demand for pet sitters, which is excellent news. Although, it also means more competition, making it crucial for you to take pet marketing more seriously. 

The marketing ideas shared in this blog can help your pet sitting business get more customers and establish yourself as a brand.

You can’t grow your business believing you don’t need to promote yourself just because you don’t have a physical location. Like most pet sitters, if you think all you need is referrals to keep going, think again. 

For instance, some of your biggest clients suddenly move away, or you end up relocating to a new place. Will you start from scratch, without a website, expecting to get customers quickly? Or worse, a new pet sitting business moves into the same neighborhood as yours and steals most of your clients. Now what? 

You must have a marketing strategy in place to sustain.

Simple marketing ideas for pet sitting businesses

1. Create a website for your business.

More potential customers can connect with you and book your services if they see your website, which can also help your business look more authentic. 

But make sure your website is simple, easy to navigate, and optimized for mobile users to book your services without any trouble.

2. Get a license and insurance.

If you aren’t familiar already, you can get more credentials for your pet sitting business by taking the PSI exams. You can also obtain licenses that make it easier to get insurance.

Make your brand seem more credible in the eyes of pet parents by getting your licenses. They’ll likely choose you over other pet sitters.

3. Get on social media and leverage its powers.

Leverage the power of social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, where pets and those who take care of them are popular.

Here are a few examples of the type of content to share on your social media for engagement.

Photos of pets in your care dressed up in funny outfits/propsVideos of pets in your care playing or doing funny tricksPet care tips
Pet productsPet clinicsLocal recommendations such as cafes or stores for pets
Funny messages as if the pets are talking to youInformation about pet adoption centersEvents and parties for pets, and more

Coming up with new and engaging content every day for your social media can be challenging. Try out a social media automation tool like Practina that can do much more than this for your business; also available as an app for iOS and Android devices.

4. Claim your local business listings online.

Claiming your listings online verifies that you own a valid business and are authorized to maintain its web presence.

You can claim your business listings on several online platforms such as Google (via Google My Business), Yelp, Yahoo, and Bing. 

5. Keep your business cards handy.

Always hand out your business cards to those you do business with, including the hairdresser, bank, and dry cleaner.

You can also leave your business card with your tip when dining out locally. 

Whether you’re visiting a park, a grocery store, or simply strolling around, keep your business cards with you at all times.

6. Participate in seminars and meetings.

Participate in events and seminars organized for pet sitters to network with like-minded people and expand your business.

Similarly, join professional pet sitting communities and associations to help grow your business.


While it’s great to be actively promoting your business in the hopes of getting more clients, it may not be so easy when you have to manage everything alone. Thankfully, Practina can help you get it all done. 

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