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You may be going overboard with your marketing tactics, but all too often, missing the mark and losing out on leads. This blog can help you learn about the most common real estate marketing mistakes most agents make and ways to avoid them.

Top 10 common real estate marketing mistakes to avoid

1. Using generic broad marketing techniques

One of the biggest and worst mistakes in real estate marketing is not knowing your exact buyer’s profile. Using generic broad marketing techniques may come off easy, but focused marketing can help you reach your target clients quickly, saving you money. 

Always focus on quality versus quantity by personalizing your marketing techniques for better outreach.

2. Appealing to everyone

Trying to appeal to everyone is all too common a mistake most real estate agents make. It is better to segment clients based on your strengths and unique selling points (USPs). Identify your buyer’s persona based on your location, price point, and the type of properties you sell.

You can start by listing a couple of adjectives that best describe your real estate brand and your ideologies and use those terms in your marketing, such as in SEO, social media, and more.


3. Being a jack-of-all-trades

Another common mistake is not establishing yourself as an expert for something specific. There’s no harm in networking and meeting different people to find leads, but it’s much more worthwhile to meet people inside a specialized area of expertise.

Experts with specialized skills usually win the best and biggest assignments of all. So, it’s best not to try being the jack of all trades.

4. Misrepresenting property features

Many agents make the mistake of misrepresenting a property while marketing it. Either they over embellish property features or hide flaws and faults.

These bad marketing tactics can cause trouble for your business in the long run. So, try to keep it authentic, which is key to building a trusting relationship with your customers from the start.

5. Sharing blurry photos and videos

Another common mistake agents make is not using professional photographs or videos while marketing. By using HD photos and videos, you can effortlessly attract the attention of more customers.

Homebuyers like to take virtual tours of the properties they are interested in, so make sure to have a 3D virtual tour feature added to your website, for which you can take the help of a professional photographer.


6. Not leveraging social media

Not using social media to its full potential is a common mistake several real estate agents make. An agent should be using all the popular platforms and their features while listing a property.

The more you’re visible to the right audience, the more your real estate business grows, and you get access to more potential leads to convert them into buyers. 

It is best to take the help of marketing tools like Practina to take your real estate social media marketing to the next level. This low-cost system helps you outperform your local competition, connect with more buyers, and become the face of real estate in your area.

Additionally, this social media management tool offers automated exposure for all your listings, creates and publishes custom content for better user engagement, helps create ad campaigns to reach more potential leads, shares valuable insights about your social media performance, and suggests ways to improve your strategy.


7. Overselling and not offering any value

It’s a bad marketing strategy to oversell constantly without offering any value to your audience. People are tired of being pitched all the time. 

Focus on providing value to your prospects instead of indulging in direct selling tactics. Talk more about the features, design, location, and other benefits of the property you intend to sell. 

8. Failing to ask what clients need

Many agents try to make a listing fit their customers’ needs without understanding what they actually need. Asking your clients questions can take you a step closer to making a successful deal and building a trusting, long-term relationship with them.

9. Not telling a story

Buzzwords can’t help you sell but telling a story can. Buyers and renters want to know why the home is unique because where you live is a personal and emotional decision, irrespective of renting or buying.

The more you can tell a story, the faster you can make this critical connection with your prospective buyers.

10. Relying on one-channel marketing

It is a big mistake to rely on just one channel of marketing. Most real estate agents have one area of marketing they know about, and that’s all they do. Having a well-balanced approach to how and where you market is key to growing your business.

Marketing through multiple channels results in a cohesive and integrated strategy and builds brand awareness and conversions.

Final words

The bottom line is to avoid making these mistakes anymore and execute a marketing strategy that is real and effective.

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