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The continual shift towards a digital landscape driven by a change in consumer spending habits has caused businesses to ditch traditional marketing strategies. Long gone are the days where print ads and billboards reign supreme. Businesses now turn to social media sites, such as Facebook, to get the highest return on their marketing investments. 

To simplify their digital marketing, businesses have sought out tools like Hootsuite to manage all of their social media accounts. This change in marketing has led to an influx of similar tools such as Loomly, Buffer, and many more that claim to simplify digital marketing for businesses.  

Hootsuite Alternate

Unlike Practina, however, most of the popular digital marketing tools on the market today lack automation features and charge hefty subscription fees, while only offering limited free trials. In addition, many tools act as mere schedulers, requiring businesses to still do a majority of the work. 

For businesses seeking hassle-free, automated alternatives to Hootsuite and other pricey schedulers, we’ve compiled information regarding their features and how they compare to Practina.

makes marketing simple for any business in any industry. Using artificial intelligence, Practina automates your social media marketing and simplifies the ad creation process down to just a few clicks. is an easy-to-use platform that allows you to share your content across multiple social a platform that makes it easy to manage your social media content — posts and ads — from one location. is a social media tool that helps your brand tell its story and grow its audience.
Main focus
Automated social media, simple ads, and content management.Social media, ads and content management.Social media and content management.Social media and content management.
Free account available.
Premium plans range from $69 to $299 a month.
Limited free trial available.
Premium plans range from $49 to $599 a month.
Limited free trial available.
Premium plans range from $34 to $332 a month.
Free account available.
Premium plans range from $15 to $99 a month.
Automation features
Practina can automatically create, schedule, and publish content for your business.No Automation FeaturesNo Automation FeaturesNo Automation Features
Customized branded content
Practina can create customized branded content for any business.Not AvailableOnly available in premium plans.Not Available
One-on-one meetings with a dedicated marketing specialist
Available with the Practina Professional Plan.Not AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
Ad campaign management for Facebook, Google, and Instagram.
AvailableAvailableNo Google ad management featureNo Compaign management feature
Ad budget cap
No ad budget cap.Ad budget cap of $5,000Ad budget cap of $5,000Buffer does not run ads.
Real estate MLS postings
AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available

Practina was designed with every business in mind, so the system is easy to use regardless of your experience. Simply tell the system a bit about your business, and Practina will begin improving your online presence by automatically creating and publishing content for you, while connecting you with individuals searching for businesses like yours. 

If you’re searching for Hootsuite alternatives, consider creating a free account with Practina today to experience the power of automated digital marketing.

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