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In 2021, 91.9% of businesses larger than 100 employees used social media as a part of their marketing operations. Social media is changing the way that businesses operate their marketing strategies and connect with potential customers. 

Real estate agents are now using social media to grow themselves and their businesses so they can access new clients and get more exposure on their listings. Many social media apps are developing platforms for them to share this with everyone, and Pinterest is one of them.

Pinterest is known by many as the app that helps you with crafts and learning new things, but it offers much more than that. With over 450 million active users, the app gets a lot of views and has created a great place for any business to grow. Pinterest has many innovative tools that allow companies to take full advantage of the app and use it for anything they need. 

This is becoming hugely popular for businesses to get their products and services out to the public faster than before. 

What Makes Pinterest a Good Platform

Pinterest offers many benefits and features such as generating leads, market research, and real estate Farming that helps real estate agents reach people faster. These features can help many businesses make more sales and reach more customers through their algorithms. The app also has specific boards, which if used correctly can grow posts more since people would be looking for their business or services already.

With these benefits and features, Pinterest is a good app for marketing and growing any business. Pinterest is a different app than Instagram or Facebook because of how the posts are shared. The app works by people pinning posts they like or find useful to boards on their profiles. Anyone that follows them can see the pins that are on their profile.

When someone pins a post, everyone who follows them will see what they pinned on their feed. This feature helps to grow posts because the more people that pin it, the more people will see the post and they might pin it as well. 

This feature with posts being constantly shared is big for growing any brand because it offers the potential for so many people to see the content. With Instagram and Facebook, the large majority of posts seen are from people that users already follow or are friends with. Instagram offers the discover page and will sometimes show new posts from new people on the home page, but the large majority of the home feed posts are from people who they follow. 

Pinterest is innovative in the sense that it creates more community around businesses, allowing people to connect with them more. This has the potential to grow any business just on the exposure alone.

The app allows users to connect and share posts with everyone, as well as create promotions and giveaways to help grow anyone’s brand. The app uses its own SEO algorithm, which helps find people’s posts quickly. Their algorithm allows posts to pin for years, so your brand is always growing. This app is a great place to craft your company’s brand since so a lot of people are seeing it every day. 

How Pinterest Benefits Real Estate Agents

Pinterest is a great platform for businesses right now and continues to provide people with the tools they need to succeed. With these tools that Pinterest offers, real estate agents will see noticeable differences when using the app. 

To start, the sharing of posts alone would help any real estate agent with growing the viewership on their listings. A great way to promote a listing would be to share photos of it fully staged and designed. Many people use Pinterest to find design ideas for their own homes, which could cause people to come across the listing as inspiration for them to use and pin the post. This would share the post with more people, showing people that if they like that house, it is for sale. 

Also, using specific real estate Pinterest boards can promote any house properly and will gain a lot of attention. The greatest aspect of these boards is that using the SEO algorithms, the boards that include an agent’s listing can be used on Google or in Google articles, which will always get more people interested in the property.  

The great thing about Pinterest is that it shares so many boards with tons of topics, and that is great for establishing anyone’s place on the real estate side of Pinterest. Also, using quality images to show the houses is helpful because it shows users what you are selling and that you care about the house as a seller. All of this is helpful in building any real estate brand that is wanting to grow. 

Pinterest also offers analytics on posts for Business accounts. It would help to see if the posts are getting a lot of views or not to know if they need to be promoted more, or if there are any potential buyers from Pinterest that they could reach out to. For the most part, the app would do the hard work for any agent, making it a great app.

How Practina Can Help Manage Pinterest Posts

Pinterest is very helpful to real estate agents because it has features that would benefit the attention on their listings and make them more money. 

With Practina, any real estate agent can set up the app to manage posts on apps like Pinterest and send them out whenever they want, as well as so many other tools that would be helpful. Practina also has an “MLS Posting” feature that can help any agent set up listings and specific posts for these listings to go out with ease. 

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