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Have you started advertising your business on Instagram yet?

With Instagram nearing 1 billion users, there’s a lot of upside potential to start advertising on the platform. Your business has an opportunity to take advantage of Instagram users so you can focus on growing. Facebook owns Instagram; you can post ads on both platforms at once and increase your audience count.

How to Use Instagram Features for Ads

On the Instagram app, there are a few ways you can use ads and post them for users to see on their feeds. 


One of the most common ways for ads to be posted on Instagram is through the stories feature. 

Ads pop up in-between stories, subtly throwing your business into their minds when they don’t realize it. If your product is something they are interested in, it will work in your favor since they will want to click the link and learn more about what your business can offer them. 

Stories are less time-consuming and not as bothersome for users. Users are more inclined to trust your brand and purchase from you if your ads are casual and do not bombard them. 


The reel on Instagram is a new feature that provides a productive platform for businesses to run their advertisements. 

Instagram has changed its algorithm to promote ads more than traditional posts and videos. Ads populate quicker than posts, you can make the most of your content and drive more traffic to your page when it is in reel form. 

Reels create more connection to your audience than a post because someone is talking to them or performing an action. You can create opportunities to show off products or services to potential customers. 


IGTV has become a popular platform for businesses and influencers to post elaborated video content for their followers.

IGTV is a great way to show followers how you create a product or what goes into providing different services for customers. Instead of keeping people out, you invite them into your business, allowing them to connect with you better. 

If your business builds its products in-house, documenting the production process and everything that goes into it would be great content for IGTV. It lets people know your company a little more, allowing them to trust you and your business practices. If your product uses recycled materials and renewable resources, that would be even better because it is important for your potential customers to know about your products. 


Instagram also has a store feature that allows you to post products and services for people to purchase directly from your business through the app. 

The shop feature can help you promote your products better and help you make more sales.  Furthermore, people will be able to check out your profile and immediately purchase if they are interested. Also, the shop feature is integrated with your entire profile, allowing you to post pictures of products and add a direct link to buy them in your profile store. 

You can also promote services. For example, you can post photos of the service or something related to it and then tag the link to the pricing and sign up for it. Sometimes, a picture of what you are selling is more appealing to people and can entice them to book an appointment. 


One of the great things about Instagram ads is that you can run them on your profile at a low cost while making them perform well. 

Rather than spending a lot of money on traditional forms of advertising, Instagram ads will get you the same result and save you money. You can pay as low as $5 per day and start promoting your business. Instagram ads fit your budget and are flexible, making them much better to use for your small business. 

If you want to keep your costs low while increasing your success, Instagram ads are perfect for your business. 

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Growth Potential 

Instagram ads offer potential growth opportunities for your business. The more you advertise your business, the better you can make sales and generate more revenue. With more young people on social media, you can increase your advertising reach and potentially influence more generations to buy your products. 

Instagram ads have proven to be successful for many businesses across multiple industries. Between follower growth and boosted sales, it’s no wonder why people have decided to shift their marketing efforts to Instagram. It has helped spread the word about businesses and take them to new heights for the future of their success. 

Instagram has grown over the years and continues to as well. Achieve your business goals and success while increasing your customer base with the power of social media.

Manage Your Instagram Ads More Effectively

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