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Create a Facebook Ad

Create, publish, and manage Facebook ad campaigns from Practina’s dashboard. Also, track the performance of your ads to make improvements.

  • Once you’ve logged in to Practina, click on Ad Campaign on the left vertical toolbar. Now click on Create Ad Now in the top header box. Select Facebook Ads and click on Create Ad. This will direct you to the Create Campaign screen where you need to select the campaign type based on the goal of your ad.

Note: You only need to toggle the Special ad categories switch to on if your ad is relating to social issues, elections, politics, housing, or credit.

For instance, if you select Post Engagement, you’ll need to name your ad campaign based on the objective of your goal. Click on Continue at the bottom of the screen.

  • On the next screen, you’ll see an option to name your Ad set. (This is different from the campaign name. The ad set name is where you include your target audience, the destination where you want to send traffic, and set a budget).

Select the Start and End date for your ad campaign.

Note: Make sure to select an end date for your campaign, or else the ad will continue to run until you stop it.

  • When selecting an audience, you can either choose the one you’ve already created before or create a new one. Advanced targeting allows you to target people based on their income, educational background, profession, and several other traits.

  • Click on Continue to go to the next screen where you’ll see Create Ad to create your ad creative. You can start by giving your ad a name that will appear in recording, insights, and analytics to check its performance.
  • Next, for Ad setup, you can either select a single image/video-based post or a Carousel with multiple images and videos for users to scroll through, which tends to get the most engagement.

  • When creating your ad, make sure to add a clear description of the product or service you’re selling, the destination URL where you want the traffic to go, and a call-to-action (CTA) to help people take the next action on your ad.

  • You’ll see a preview of your ad on the right so you can see how your ad will appear. Now click on Continue and you’ll see your campaign is ready to go. On the right will appear a payment summary outlining the total cost of your ad. Select Pay X amount of Credits & Run Ads to complete creating your ad.

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