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Nearly half of the world’s population is using social media because it is the most unique and powerful way of connecting with others. Despite its popularity, one cannot overlook the fact that social media is always evolving.

Algorithms change, new features pop up, and some of the old ones disappear. Nevertheless, it is each person’s obligation to stay updated with the latest trends, and an even greater obligation for brands. Read on to get an insight into what the future of social media marketing holds.

Marketers everywhere have to keep an eye on social media’s dynamic landscape to review whether their existing marketing strategies are compatible. A thorough analysis of your social media marketing can help you optimize your efforts in the best way possible to ensure that you don’t fall behind your competition. 

Here are the top 7 trends to look out for in the future of social media marketing:

1. Live Videos

Live videos were initially introduced by YouTube in 2008, followed by Facebook and Instagram in 2016. In-person meetings, events, and get-togethers have all become virtual. Since the pandemic, more brands have taken to live streaming to promote their latest launches, new additions, collaborations, and more. Social media users have developed a habit of attending the live streams of their favorite brands to catch up on their latest updates.

If you still have not explored live streaming, it is time to add it to your social media marketing strategy to get more reactions and engagement from your audience. You can go Live to demonstrate how your products work or conduct an FAQs session for your followers.

Live Videos

Video marketing is slowly becoming a favorite among many industry leaders. Without incorporating it into your marketing strategy, you risk falling behind the trends.

2. Driving sales with AI-powered social media marketing tools

71% of users are moved to make a purchase when they come across social media referrals. For a brand, the ultimate goal is to improve sales. Brands that post regularly or interact with their followers when they comment or ask questions can create a community of genuine supporters. 

But manually managing your social media 24/7 isn’t possible, which is when AI technology steps in as a useful tool. The best bet for brands is to automate their social media marketing with a professional tool that can create and publish posts regularly and streamline your content marketing to one single location.

These tools are integrated with various smart features that can analyze and compile data to show you how well your posts are performing.

An intuitive social media marketing tool like Practina can also help you run ads on Google and instantly connect you with your target audience without wasting time. This can help you to convert your leads into customers before your competitors reach them.

3. Stories

Initially, this feature was launched by Snapchat, which was quickly adopted by Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. This content format is well-liked by everyone since it lasts only 24 hours, offering people tremendous opportunities to share more interesting content.


According to a study conducted by Social Insider, videos shared in stories retain viewers’ attention more than images. The study also highlights that there are more drop-offs when images are shared in a story than videos. For this reason, brands should focus more on sharing videos in their stories to keep their audiences engaged for a longer period of time.

4. Augmented Reality (a.k.a filters)

Do you like using filters for your pictures and videos? Then you’re already using augmented reality (AR). Facebook messenger even allows you to use AR during video calls. Instagram has already rolled out such features and even some brands have come out with their very own customized AR filters. 

This is a great way for businesses to promote their products and services by increasing brand awareness.

Augmented Reality

AR is a fun way of interacting with social media users and is a useful tool for marketing. Facebook has announced that it is going to introduce AR ads to make shopping more fun and enticing. In many ways, AR can be the future of social media marketing.

5. Meaningful engagement

Social media audience engagement depends heavily on the content that you share. Purpose-driven campaigns can benefit brands in garnering more attention and favor from their target audiences. 

A Twitter survey shows that 77% of people feel positive about brands engaging in meaningful social activities, especially during critical times.

Since COVID-19 hit the world, many brands have come forward and shown compassion towards frontline workers and the public suffering due to the pandemic. Many businesses are continuing to extend their support to the needy and share meaningful campaigns on social media.

This is one of the best examples of sharing purposeful content for higher social media engagement.

Meaningful engagement

6. Credibility and transparency

People expect brands to be authentic, however, this survey shows that only 55% of customers believe that brands are somewhat transparent with them. This also shows that more brands should be transparent with their target audiences. 

Businesses can begin by accepting their mistakes and responding honestly to criticism. This includes making changes wherever needed and sharing more behind-the-scenes to show the processes that go into making your products and delivering your services. 

Your biggest supporters and spokespeople are your employees. Share more about them and work culture on your social media, so that your followers can trust you. Remember, trust can easily translate into more sales for your brand, which is why being transparent is the future of social media marketing.

7. Closed groups 

The algorithms on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram keep changing, which is why groups have become popular places to connect with like-minded people. These groups have features like Live videos and Story updates, giving people the opportunity to share their opinions more freely. 

Brands can benefit by creating closed groups and sharing news about their products and new launches. Instagram has a ‘Close Friends’ feature, used by many brands to give privileged access to a few individuals.

This segment is expected to grow a few years down the line where more brands may choose to have virtual and limited access shows for their exclusive customers. 

Are you prepared to be a part of the future of social media marketing?

Keep watching out for more upcoming trends that may change the course of the way social media marketing is done currently. It is a matter of time, and adapting to the changing trends can help you stay relevant within your industry and amongst your customers.

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