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If you’ve done any Facebook advertising, you’re likely familiar with the occurrence of creative fatigue.

This is not talking about the mental exhaustion you feel after pouring your heart into a piece of work, but rather a term in advertising that is used to describe the decline of the performance of an ad because in short, people are tired of seeing it.

Even as a user of Facebook, you have the option to select that you’re “tired of seeing an ad” if you’ve seen it too many times.

Creatives are defined as the image, graphic, or video that is created to generate leads and advertise for the purpose of marketing a product or service.

The “creative fatigue” message appears under the delivery column on Facebook Ads Manager when the platform suggests that your creative has been seen too many times.

All creatives have a sort of expiration date, because once the same audience has seen it too frequently, then you can consider it expired.

However, there are two ways that you can manage creative fatigue.

Change the creative

The new creative should be relatively different from the original, and it is recommended that material that is tested to perform well be used.

Something as simple as changing the color schemes on the creative, or tweaking the phrasing a bit, can give your creative new life that your target audience isn’t tired of.

Even simple color changes can give your advertisement a new look and feel. The wording can also be adjusted to combat creative fatigue

Broaden the audience

When you expand the audience size, this will present your current creative to a new audience that has yet to see it.

You also have options of selecting that anyone who has interacted with the post already is removed from the target audience.

Businesses can benefit from an automated social media marketing software that will let you know when creative fatigue occurs so that you can make adjustments to your ads as needed. 

Practina, the free automated digital marketing software, can help your business not be viewed as the annoying ad that keeps popping up, but as dynamic, fresh, and boldly trying new things.

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