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There is so much that goes into marketing a business online. Social media trends are always changing, and technology is constantly advancing. It can become difficult trying to keep up with the world of social media. There can be days when you might feel lost as a business owner and may not know how to remain relevant or active on these social media platforms. These few tips and tricks are here to help you on the days you don’t know what to post next. 

Posting irrelevant content or not posting at all can cause you to lose your audience’s attention. Here are some tips when it comes to planning your next post.

1. Photos of Your Product/ Service

This is the most obvious yet exciting content you can post. By posting your product or service, you are directly showcasing what your business offers. This is a straightforward approach to marketing your business and is the best way to stay on top of your client’s minds. 

2. Infographic

There are times when you may not have photos or videos of your product, which is completely understandable. This is when a creative infographic can be helpful. An infographic can inform your clients on how you go about providing your services or the benefits of your products. It can be about any aspect of your business as long as it is relevant and informative. The last thing you want to do is let too much time pass while waiting for your next content photos. This will result in inactivity and may cause you to lose clients. 

3. Behind the Scenes 

Posting behind-the-scenes photos or videos is a great way to show the time and effort to keep your business running. Your audience will appreciate the process, feel involved, and will understand your business better. It’s a great way to catch your audience’s attention without posting the same things repeatedly. 

4. Tips on Your Product/Service

Are there perks or tips on your products/services that your clients may not know about? Educate your audience! If you offer a unique feature or product that your competitors may not offer, be sure to highlight that. This could be shared through a photo, infographic, video, or text block on your story. Your clients will be sure to appreciate this, and you can catch the attention of a newer audience. 

5. Links to Your Blogs/Website

If you’ve got a website that is an extension of your business, then your next post can be about it. Let your audience know what is available on your website and how to access it. If you’ve got blogs that you would like to share, this is also a great time to share them. As long as you engage with your audience and remain active/relevant, you will keep their attention. 

6. Reviews & Testimonials

Sharing a review or testimonial from a recent client is a great way to get people interested in your business. This can be a direct message, a comment made on your post, an email, or even a text message. Any form of positive feedback should be shared with your audience. This will result in more people considering your business next time they are in need of your product/services. It will also increase the look of authenticity for your business. 

7. Reshare Your Featured Content

If you have been featured or quoted in anyone’s post or website, you should share it with your audience! Another great next post is if any of your clients gives your business a shoutout. When you acknowledge your support online and publicly, it makes the supporter want to do it more often, but it also encourages others to support your business. 

8. Giving Back

If your business or you participate in any form of charity/community service, that should definitely be shared on your social media. This way, you can showcase to your audience how your business gives back to the community or even its clients. 

Staying active on social media is one of the most important ways to stay relative. If your business is not engaging with its audience or posting interesting content, you will lose clients. Not only will these tips help you in staying active, but with AI posting, your business will become integrated into your audience’s algorithms. 

Social media software that can assist you… 

An automated social media marketing software such as Practina is designed to help your business overcome these concerns. It takes away the pressure of creating constant creative content by doing it for you. 

Practina also uses AI technology to create content for your business that will receive the highest response rate. It assists you in creating advertisements in less than 5 minutes which also integrates AI technology. This helps target potential customers looking for similar products/services that will bring your business to the forefront. 

Using Practina can help you plan your future posts and maintain creativity. It relieves you of the stress caused by constantly trying to stay active while running a business. 

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