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Are you trying to market your real estate business online but need help figuring out how? Knowing what to post will amplify your social media game and never have you questioning your work ever again! Besides, you should want to be different from the average realtor who posts mainstream content. 

Furthermore, as a realtor, having a solid social media presence is more important than ever. In today’s digital world, many potential clients are turning to social media to find and research realtors before deciding on whom to hire. You can showcase your expertise, build trust with your audience, and grow your business by having an active and engaging social media presence.

Benefits of Using Social Media 

One of the most significant advantages of social media is reaching a large, targeted audience. With billions of users on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you can easily connect with potential clients in your local area or within a specific demographic. You can tailor your content and message to reach people most likely interested in buying or selling properties.

Another benefit of social media marketing is the ability to showcase your expertise and knowledge of the local housing market. By sharing updates on the latest trends and statistics, you can position yourself as a trustworthy source of information and an expert. Build trust with your audience, so they turn to you for guidance when buying or selling a home.

Social media marketing

In addition to reaching a large, targeted audience and showcasing your expertise, social media offers many other benefits for realtors. For example, it allows you to connect with your audience more personally, which can help humanize your brand and make you more relatable to potential clients. 

It’s also a great platform to share visual content, such as photos and videos of your listings, particularly on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Social media marketing is essential for realtors looking to connect with potential clients and grow their businesses. Creating a solid presence on these platforms can showcase your expertise, build trust with your audience, attract more leads, and drive sales. However, knowing what to post is the next crucial step.

7 Real Estate Social Media Post Ideas For Realtors:

As a realtor, having a strong social media presence can be a valuable asset to your business. Although many realtors use social media, not all of them know what content to post. Plus, with so many different social media platforms, it can be challenging to know what to post on each one.

To help you get started, here are some ideas for the kinds of posts realtors should consider sharing on social media:

1. Local Market Updates

As a realtor, you have a deep knowledge of the local housing market. Showcase your expertise by sharing updates on the latest trends and statistics. Talk about the average home price in your area or the number of homes currently on the market. This type of content can be valuable to your followers, as it shows that you are well-informed and can guide them through the home-buying journey.

Market Report

2. Before-And-After Photos

One of the most significant advantages of hiring a realtor is their ability to help clients make the most of their home’s potential. You want to show them how you can transform their property and increase its chances of being sold. Share before-and-after photos of properties you have staged or worked on to show off your skills. It will give potential clients an idea of what you can do for them. Any staging or renovations you assist with for any property make for excellent photos/videos for social media.

3. Testimonials and Reviews 

Social proof is a powerful tool, and as a realtor, you likely have several satisfied clients who would be happy to share their positive experiences with others. Share testimonials and reviews from happy clients to show others that you are reputable and trustworthy. 

These reviews can be from clients who went to the final stage of purchasing a property from you. They could be clients who had a pleasant experience with you and want to share their gratitude. It will show how authentic and genuine your services are.

Client Testimonial

4. Behind-the-Scenes Content 

One of the best ways to connect with your audience on social media is by taking them behind the scenes, giving a sneak-peak at your day-to-day life as a realtor. Share photos and videos of yourself working with clients, hosting open houses, or doing community activities. This content can bring more engagement to your brand pages and make you more relatable.

Behind the Scenes

5. Industry News and Updates 

In addition to sharing updates on the local housing market, share news and information about changes in the norms for the real estate industry. Include information on mortgage rate changes, new home design developments, or updates on real estate laws and regulations. Sharing these types of posts can position you as an industry expert and get more business.

News and Updates

6. Personal Content

Mostly, your social media posts should promote your services and business, but sharing unique, personal content is also essential. Include photos of your family, updates on your hobbies and interests, or anything else that helps your followers get to know you more personally. Your clients will see what kind of a person you are and what type of life you live outside of the workplace.

Personal Content

7. Visual Content 

Real estate works on visual appeal. You have many beautiful properties with exciting interiors. Take advantage of this by sharing high-quality photos and videos of your properties. This type of content can be effective on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Open House

Moving Forward

Most realtors now use social media marketing tools to manage and grow their digital presence. Realtors have a lot on their plate, and knowing what to post is necessary, but you must stay consistent. Practina is the one social media automation tool that does this and more for multiple realtors. 

Practina automatically creates and schedules your posts, so you don’t have to stress about posting every day. It also turns your MLS listing updates into social media posts to inform your followers all at once. 

Showcasing your visual content and having a real estate marketing tool do it for you is an additional benefit. Furthermore, using the Practina Gallery feature, you can improve the quality of your visuals. Just use the Practina app, click pictures, and upload. Practina will automatically turn them into beautiful posts and publish them on your social media. In addition to that, Practina can help make your day-to-day life more manageable with social media. 

As a realtor, your social media should have a mix of informative and engaging content showcasing your expertise and uniqueness. 

By sharing the right content online, you can create a solid social media presence that will help you connect with potential clients and grow your business. 

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